Hunt Information / FAQ

Hunt Method

We hunt gators and hogs year round!! We are happy to customize any hunt for your expectations. That being said we have hunted hundreds of gators and by far the most fun is catching gators on rod and reel! The fight is a blast. We have the ability to hunt our private property year round. We use side by sides and swamp buggys to move through the property as we spot and stalk. If you are hunting with us on a state land hunt which is available’ Aug 15 to Nov 1′ we use airboats and bay boats to cover country and make it happen.

Group Hunts

Bring the family, bring the office, bring your bride, We are happy to make this a hunt of a lifetime for everyone.

Age Limit

NONE! Bring the kids, We love helping introduce kids to the outdoors!

Meat Processing

Skinning and processing gators averages $30 per foot. Tanning the hide into leather is about $40 per foot.


We transport to a couple amazing taxidermist making it easy on you. They can do everything you can think of and prices range accordingly. To give you a rough idea head mounts are around $450 and Full body mounts are around $250 per ft. Pricing will vary depending on the size of the gator


We hunt different properties depending on the time of year and the hunt you book. We have the option to hunt year round on private property near Okeechobee and Arcadia which is just south of Orlando. If you book a state land gator hunt those are about 20 min north of Orlando. Hunt times are flexible allowing you to drive at a comfortable time.


We have everything you need but you are welcome to bring your own pistol, rifle, bows, etc.. If bow hunting you will need to bring your own.

Hunt Time

We hunt all different times of day and can set the time of your hunt to make it easy for you. Hunts average 3 to 4hrs.


This is a Super fun hunt with no worries about camo but its cool if you wear it any way. Nothing special is needed, wear what you are comfortable in given the weather. Regular shoes are fine. We suggest hats and sunglasses.


Your hunt includes the hunter and 2 non hunting guests who can watch for free.


We provide the tag. Gator Hunters need to buy an agent license that is available over the phone and online 24/7. Very easy, and only $53. Guests who are only watching don’t need the license. Please read this thoroughly:

If hunting Private land.. hunters will need to buy an Alligator Agent Farming License.

If hunting State land hunters need Alligator Agent Trapping License.

Licenses can be purchased over the phone or online for $53

FL License Website | Phone 1-888-486-8356


Lodging is available on site for our private land hunts in our brand new lodge. Rooms are private with their own private bathroom. The common area has a full size pool table, bar, fire pit, and multiple leather couches to relax and replay your day. Meals are included with lodging and they are amazing! Our full time chef and cook staff are super friendly and sure to put a smile on your face while filling your belly. $235 per person per night with meals. You will want to stay longer the food is so good!


We work with the best taxidermists in the state to make sure your trophy is preserved exactly how you want it. We take care of transporting your gator for you. You are more than welcome to ride with us and look through their showroom to help you decide how you want to show off your trophy.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the gator and the work you want to be done, we let you work with the taxidermist directly to find what works best for you. To give you an idea, the ballpark price on a 9′ gator head is $325.

Processing / Meat

Gators Meat

Gator Meat is delicious and always a hit as a rare treat with the friends and family. The processors that we use are state licensed and do an amazing job cleaning/deboning/tenderizing your trophy. They pack and freeze your gator meat ready to drive or fly back with you. Shipping the meat is another option, the processors do a great job ensuring it arrives fresh and frozen.

Processing averages $20 per foot depending on the size of the gator and how you want it processed. Depending on the current market value the processor may be able to offer a credit towards your processing in return for letting them keep the meat or hide.

Wild Hog Meat

Wild Hog Meat is full of flavor, and some say is even better than deer meat. We will skin and quarter your hogs for $25 as a gratuity to the guide. Further processing is available in regards to sausage, chops, etc.. Yummy!!