Do I Need a License?

Gator Hunting - Yes, they are $52 and availalbe any time over the phone or online. The State of Florida requires anyone who participates in the harvesting of an alligator to have an alligator agent license. The phone number for licensing is 1-888-486-8356. With the confirmation number in hand you are ready to hunt. We provide the tags and will help make sure you get the license you need.

Hog Hunting - No, Hogs are a nuissance animal and the state does not require a license to hunt them on our private properties.

Turkey Hunting - Yes, Turkey hunters must have a license in the State of Florida. The License is available at 1-888-486-8356, a confirmation number over the phone gets you on your way to bagging your bird.

Fishing - Yes, a fresh or saltwater fishing license is required. Fortunately they are affordable and easy to get.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 1 (888) 486-8356

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