Gator Hunts

Our passion for gator hunting and our dedication to our clients is second to none. We have been able to keep a 10ft plus average each year and thanks to proper management it keeps getting better!. We have guided amazing people to amazing gators including a 12’8 Monster taken by a Smith and Wesson Client, A pile of big gators for Cabela’s clients, and a whole lot more.

We harvested a 12’3 MONSTER GATOR that took 3rd place in the Statewide Big Gator Shootout, a 12’4 giant that won the Florida Sportsman 1st annual Gator Tournament, and in 2019 we’ve already harvested 33 gators over 10′. Our clients come from all over the world and all go home with amazing trophies and stories to tell.

We want to guide you to your Hunt of a Lifetime!

We have been guiding gator hunts for 19 years and each year is better than the last. We have hunters celebrate graduations, birthday’s, honeymoons, corporate business celebrations.. and more it is always a blast!. Did we mention the 13ft giant alligator that Adam and his son Tristan harvested? What a beast of an Alligator!

Give Capt. Kevin a call, he is happy to answer your questions and ensure your adventure is one you never forget. *No matter the reason, it is Always Gator Season! We hunt 365 days a year and your success is always guaranteed!

We Guide Gator and Hog Hunts Year round with Guaranteed Success.
*Reserve your tag before we run out! You can set the date later. Don’t Wait! We sell out of tags earlier and earlier every year.

-No Trophy Frees! – 2 Free Guests with paying Hunter, – Kids are Welcome!
-Tags are included at No Additional Cost!
-The Gator is Yours! – Free transport to taxidermist / processor

Location: We hunt multiple properties in Central Florida, exact location depends on time of year and which hunt you choose.
**Call Capt. Kevin & Reserve your Tag Today: 407-448-3635.
**We can always set the hunt date later but once we sell out of tags they are gone!

Ways to Hunt Gators

There are a number of ways to hunt Gators and we will customize your hunt to meet your expectations.

Whether you want to stalk a Big Boy with a bow, stick one with a snatch hook, or run and gun with the harpoon, we’ll do what it takes to put a smile on your face that even your momma couldn’t wipe off!

NO NEED TO BE A ZOMBIE!! Everyone has heard the horror stories about their cousin who spent all night gator hunting with nothing so show for it other than a new found addiction to Red Bull and Coffee. We refuse to do that to our clients unless they are looking for an ‘All Night Experience’. We guarantee your success and most of our clients harvest their Gator(s) well within a 4 hour time frame. Capt. Kevin lives within 10 minutes of the hunting property making it easy for him to keep an eye on the gators knowing when and where these beasts are going to be when you get here.

Guaranteed Success or No Pay!!

Alligator Hunts

We hunt different times of day depending on the type of adventure you are looking for, the particular body of water we are hunting, the weather, etc. Ultimately we can hunt any time of day to accommodate your needs. We always adjust to conditions to make the most of your time on the water and get you on your gator!

Morning Alligator Hunts typically start around 9:00 am on our private water hunts and around 6:30 am on Public water hunts. The Length of the hunt depends on where we are hunting, the number and size gator(s) you are after. A rough average would be 3 to 4 hours for a gator hunt. We can cater to your hunt to the experience you are looking for.

**We transport your Gator(s) to the processor and taxidermist so you don’t have to.

**Have your hunt filmed and take home a DVD for you to share with family and friends. A DVD of your hunt is available for $200 and well worth it!.

The time frame for our hunts is no different than a late dinner or an early morning fishing trip. If you have a specific time you want to be on or off the water we will gladly accommodate the timing of your trip to meet your needs. Capt. Kevin lives for this and will make sure you enjoy a hunt of a lifetime!!

Guaranteed Success! We provide the tag! Reserve yours before we sell out!
Our hunts allow you to match your budget and expectations, no hidden fees.
4-6ft Gator Hunt $800
7-9ft Gator Hunt $1,500
9 Plus Gator Hunt $3,000
10Plus Gator Hunts $4,000
11Plus Gator Hunts $7,000
Our hunts are private to you and your guest only!
**Combo Hunts!
Add a hog to a gator hunt over 7ft for Only $225!

Packages & Rates

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DvD / Video Services

Capture and replay your Adrenaline Pumping Gator and or Hog Hunt

Sport Gator Hunt – $800

Guaranteed 4-6 Foot Gator ‘Year Round Hunting

Trophy Gator Hunt – $1500

Guaranteed 7-9 Foot Gator ‘Year Round’ This Hunt Sells Out Every Year!

Airboat Hunt – $3,500

Aug 15 – Nov 1*Tag(s) Included, Guaranteed Gator, No Size Minimum, No Size Maximum, No Trophy Fees, Air Boat Hunt!

Swamp Monster Gator – $3000

Guaranteed 9′ to 12′ Gator – ‘Year Round’ Our Most Popular Hunt – Reserve Today -We sell out of these tags every year!

Dinosaur Gator Hunt – $4000

Guaranteed 10 foot minimum – ‘Year Round Gator Hunting’ -We sell out of these tags every year!

11+ Gator Hunt – $7,000

Guaranteed 11 foot minimum – ‘Year Round Gator Hunting’

12+ Giant Gator Hunt – $13,000