Florida Quail Hunts

Bring the Family!! Its Fun for Everyone!!

Fast Action Fun! Our Quail Hunts are as good as it gets. Fast flying Bob White Quail make everyones heartbeat. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching our well trained dogs lock up on point as you get into position ready for the birds to flush and let it fly!

A true southern tradition that makes you feel like a kid again, quail hunts get you pulling the trigger and filling your belly with delicious table fare.

Our property is managed exclusively for bob white quail. Southern Pines and Palmettos are burned, fields are planted, and no expense is spared to make sure our population of birds will make you smile. . Most of our hunters harvest 10 or more birds, you can expect to shoot your share.

Quail Hunting Rates

$50 Deposit to Book your Hunt, total is $450.