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Swamp Monster Gator – $3000
January 15, 2018
DVD/Video Services
January 15, 2018

Dinosaur Gator Hunt – $4000

Guaranteed 10 foot minimum – ‘Year Round Gator Hunting’ -We sell out of these tags every year!

Looking for the Biggest Baddest Gator possible to add to your Trophy Room? These roman nosed shovel headed beasts are Massive! The power they unleash is second to none and it makes the fight all that more fun! For some hunters it has to be over 10ft, believe me, we understand and we flat get it done! Gators this big are feeding on cows, hogs, deer, and other gators…show’em who’s boss and book your hunt today. This hunt guarantees you a gator over 10 feet. NO TROPHY FEES we will get you the biggest gator we can!

The Meat, Head, Hide, Teeth, etc… are all yours!! We gladly transport your gator to a local processor and taxidermist. You are welcome to visit their show room to take a look at the different options to show off your Trophy Gator!

** Reserve your tag today with a $500 Deposit by Check or Credit Card.
**Tags, Weapons, Boat, Guide, and All Gear are Provided with your hunt.

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