Families who hunt together stay together.

Surf and Turf!
February 23, 2019
The Sun is out… the bows are out…
March 13, 2019

Families who hunt together stay together.

Families who hunt together stay together. We had the privilege of hunting with a grandfather his daughter and his grandson this week. What an awesome experience. Blessed to be a part of making these memories. Congrats to Jerry and his Family, thank you for trusting us To guide you to your trophy gator.


  1. Chris finley says:

    I’m a taxidermist from North Dakota I’d really like to shoot a gator with my bow and mount it for my showroom. Don’t see many gators around here obviously. I’m wondering do you have a certain time frame/season for hunting them?
    What do you charge for hunting?
    How many can you shoot?
    Would you be interested in trading hunts? Whitetail bow hunts
    Waterfowl hunting in prairie pothole flyway
    Ice fishing for the worlds biggest jumbo perch, walleye, and what we call gators northernpike.

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