Dennis Monster Florida Gator Hunt

Trophy Boar Hunt
September 2, 2015

Dennis Monster Florida Gator Hunt

Dennis and his wife Veronica were an absolute blast to hunt with this morning.  We hadn’t left the boat ramp 5 minutes and we were passing up on 8 foot gators looking for a Giant Florida Gator!  As we were stalking a good 10 footer we spotted this big boy lurking on the edge and the chase was on!!  This gator didnt’ get this big by being dumb, he pulled every move he could on us to try to get away.  He immediately headed for cover but somehow we managed to slip a hook between him and the brush, Game On!!  The look on Deniss’s face was pricelist when the gator took off towing our 22ft boat like it was a dingy. What a Fight!!  Dennis did awesome and Veronica ‘Ronnie’ was a hoot chearing ‘Get Him Dennis!!’

Thank you again for the opportunity to guide you on your adventure, we can’t wait to see you again next year!

Bullseyes- Capt. Kevin Brotz

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