KM Monster Gator
June 22, 2017
Warren Yadon
August 8, 2017

Warren Yadon

August 2017 – From Idaho
This was my Second Alligator from this amazing trip, and it was even bigger than the first. And my first was a record book monster. 2 Gigantic Monsters. One amazing guide service. Get Bit Outdoors is the best. When you can put 2 Monstrous Dinosaurs in your boat. That is World Class. World Class Guides, World Class Service. Book your hunt with Kevin Brotz NOW… Don’t wait until the tags are gone… Do it NOW ! This is my 3rd Alligator with Kevin and all 3 were record book monsters. Thank you Kevin Brotz. My Guide and My Friend… I will be back again, Warren Yadon, Declo Idaho.

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