Got him! Smoked Him!
November 5, 2017
Keegan Cervin
November 8, 2017


Orlando, FLorida
It was an incredible experience. After the hurricane the water in the lake was still very high. We couldn’t get the big boat on the lake because the ramps were all closed so we took a jon boat. We were just six inches above the water which really added to the experience. We were on a gator the first day that was nearly 11 feet long. That’s when the action started. We fought with him for quite a while and finally got him into the boat. Whenever I show my friends the pictures some of them ask me if I was afraid. I was shaking but it wasn’t from fear. The adrenaline from this hunt is like no other animal that I’ve ever hunted. I felt safe the whole time. Kevin and Dwight helped me through the whole process. Kevin is a really good guy. He took us out to eat after the hunt and asked if we cared if he said a blessing over the food. I’ve hunted with a couple of other outfitters but none with the class that Kevin has. He’s the best. Thanks a lot Kevin for a great adventure.

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