The Great Florida Outdoors
December 5, 2017
Should we say Gator on Deck!
December 9, 2017

Gary’s Monster Alligator!

If Gary was any funnier I think we would have wet our pants! From hilarious texts with dancing alligators wearing leotards to voicemails that had us rolling on the floor…Gary you sir missed your calling as a comedian! Gary wanted a big gator but didn’t have much time, we assured him we could make it happen. The Good Lord provided as always and it wasn’t long before Gary was hooked up and fighting what ended up to be a 10’4” gator. He was so excited I think he would have thrown his gator over his Harley and paraded it around town if it would have fit. You couldn’t have wiped the smile off of his face with a mop.

Thank you Gary! We had a blast gator hunting with you. Congrats again on your Monster Alligator!

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  1. Ge Burkhart says:

    I’m the ” DOC of ROCK” had an AWESOME hunt. Recommended you yo all my patients and friends. I show EVERYONE the pics and they know I’m the MAN. 🙂

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