Monster Gator! Hunters Save Cows!

Another Hunt of a Lifetime
December 21, 2017
Chasing down giants
January 3, 2018

Monster Gator! Hunters Save Cows!

Adam and his son Tristan teamed up with us to hunt a monster gator that had been seen eating calfs on multiple occasions. Tristan was the first to hook the gator and fought him for about 30minutes before we eventually got 3 more lines in him. It took a 5th line on a rope to bring the gator up for a shot. Adam put an end to the cattle killer with 2 shots to be safe. What a beast! Weighing over 600lbs and right at 13ft long, this gator is world class. Congrats Adam, Tristan, Steve, and Kyle! Thank you for letting us guide you to your Gator of a Lifetime!

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