Lake Wimico Hunt
August 21, 2018
Unwrapping a gift of a lifetime.
December 20, 2018

Christmas Gator Hunt!

Danny called us yesterday wanting to know if we could guide him ‘today’… the picture tells the story! 

Congrats on your trophy gator. Thank you for hunting with us. 


  1. John Ellinger says:

    I live in Inverness florida and want to shoot a 10 foot plus gator. Where are you located. When would be best time after December 1 . What will it cost? Do you skin and do I get meat. Can you prepare it or take it to get mounted? Can my wife go along on hunt to take pictures?
    John Ellinger

    • Kevin brotz says:

      I would be glad to guide you to a great gator hunt. Here is a link to our rates page. We can take it to a taxidermist/processor for you. Feel free to call me on my cell, we are almost out of tags. 407-448-3635

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