Trophy Boar Hunt
September 2, 2015
Dan Trophy Gator Hunt
November 18, 2015

Titus Family Gator Hunt

The sun had just set and we spot a gator slipping through the moonlight.  A quick cast and next thing we know we are off to the races!!  What we thought was a mid size gator ended up being stout 9’7 beast of a Florida Alligator that had no doubt been hunted before.

This swamp donkey ran under the boat 5 or 6 times trying to break the line before he squated in a deep hole on the bottom. Once we got two heavy lines in him we were able to slowly get the gator off the bottom. Brian did a great job on the rod and Jeremy was on point with the harpoon driving it home as soon as the gator gave him a shot. Brian finished the gator with some lead to the head from a .357 Mag Bang Stick!!

High Fives all around!!  Congrats again on a Great Gator!


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