Titus Family Gator Hunt
November 17, 2015
John Monster Gator Hunt
November 23, 2015

Dan Trophy Gator Hunt

Dan, Brian, and Jeremy hunt continued….  Dan was up next to harvest his Trophy Florida Gator and the weather made things interesting. With wind and clouds working against us we had to pull out every gator hunting trick in the book to snag this bad boy. ‘We can’t tell you everything’, you’ll have to come hunt with us to learn all our tricks’.  After an intense game of cat and mouse we finaly got a line in this dinosaur. Dan did a great job keeping the line tight, this alligator didn’t quit running and it took us a while to get an opportunity to get a second line in him. Due to the size of the group and limited time we had two boats on the water and the 2nd could hear Dan all the way across the lake yelling with excitement when he harpooned the beast.


.357 Mag Bang Stick and Boom!! Belts and Gator Nuggets for Everyone!  No Doubt adrenaline was flowing as it always does when you are fighting a beast that wants to eat you. Conquering the odds and putting that beast in the boat is a rush second to none.

Dan, YOU DA MAN BROTHER!!  CONGRATS AGAIN ON YOUR 9’8 STUD GATOR! We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your Florida Gator Hunt.

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