3 Generations, 1 Goal…
November 13, 2017
10ft7 Gator…anybody?…anybody?
November 19, 2017

Swamp Donkey!

To say this gator was a beast would be an understatement. Mitch and Tom battled this giant alligator for over an hour. After breaking lines, pulling hooks, and thinking the hunt was over multiple times…they persevered and subdued the dinosaur! Little did we know that the work had just begun. We tried for 30minutes to get the gator in the boat before realizing it wasn’t going to happen. The gator was just too big and we were too tired from the battle. With the gator tied to the side of the boat we towed him back to the boat ramp where onlookers were happy to help load the beast into the
boat. Gator Hunting isalways an adventure, as a guide I have come to realize that you simply cannot predict how the hunt is going to happen. Being prepared is the key to capitalize on any opportunity a gator gives us. Congrats to Mitch and Tom! 12ft3 is an absolute brute of a gator!

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