10ft7 Gator…anybody?…anybody?

Swamp Donkey!
November 18, 2017
Brian’s Dinosaur Gator Adventure!
November 22, 2017

10ft7 Gator…anybody?…anybody?

Cody wanted the ultimate challenge so he booked one of our public land gator hunts. On Public property you never know how long a hunt is going to take place so we suggest our hunters set aside 2to3 days incase weather etc.. causes the hunt to take a couple days. We weren’t 30 minutes into the hunt when the Good Lord gave us an opportunity to snag a beast of a gator and it was Game was On! Cody was on cloud nine and couldn’t believe the size of the beast while at the same time kept asking out loud, what am I going to do the next 2 days? Good thing the beaches are close!

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