Brian’s Dinosaur Gator Adventure!

10ft7 Gator…anybody?…anybody?
November 19, 2017
Father and Son Gator Team Hunters
November 27, 2017

Brian’s Dinosaur Gator Adventure!

What an adventure! Brian flew in from Michigan to get out of the cold weather and it didn’t take long for things to heat up! We spotted numerous 8 and 9 foot gators but Brian wanted a Dinosaur. Fortunately we hunt the best water in the State of Florida for Big Gators! After spotting a monster alligator we pulled a few tricks out of our bag and got him Hooked up for a wild ride. Briankept yelling yeehaw as if he was riding a bull, in a way he was… a Bull Gator!After a shot with the harpoon, 2 shots with the bang-stick and a lot of heavy lifting, we pulled his 11ft 2inch gator on board! Thank you Brian! We had a blast hunting with you.

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