Dan Trophy Gator Hunt
November 18, 2015
Family Gator Hunt
December 8, 2015

John Monster Gator Hunt

What makes gator hunting so much fun? EVERYTHING!! We spotted this beast tight against the brush in a pocket where we had seen him a couple times this year. He knew every escape route but at this point, so did I, with a few tricks I was able to get him to have to go through us to make his gettaway. We were able to get one hook in him as he made a dash for open water, trouble was the boat was against the reeds and unable to be towed by the beast for the first part of the fight until he settled down and I could hand the rod off. What a rush!!

The gator  shot back towards the bank once he realized he wasn’t safe in open water, in and out of thick bushes, this gator had us digging through branches 3 or 4 times to get our line out of the bushes. At one point he had us all wrapped up around a bush and at the same time he made a run for it ripping line off the reel to the point there was only 3 wraps left.  I thought it was over but the good lord shined on us and the gator stopped just in time.  2 Harpoons and 2 shots from a .357 Mag to the head, this gator made his way into the boat and on his way to the perfect spot on John’s wall!   What an exciting hunt!

Congrats to John for harvesting a Heck of a Gator.  At 11’2 and over 550lbs,  his gator is a True a Swamp Monster!

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